Perks of Traveling Alone

November 2, 2015

Last week, I got an e-mail announcing limited time discounted tickets to The King and I on Broadway. I've been dying to see it, but a $200 play ticket isn't exactly in my budget. Thanks to LincTix, I found out I could see the show for $35 over the a second row orchestra seat, no less!

Of course, the older you get, the harder it is to find people who can join in on such spontaneity (and Sean loathes musicals). I couldn't pass up the opportunity, though, so I went ahead and bought a ticket, opting to visit the Big Apple on my own.

The only un-perk: I suck at selfies.
This is my 4th NYC visit in my entire life and my first one alone. I was nervous, but this turned out to be my favorite trip yet! I told Sean when I arrived home that I'd be game for doing this more often, because:

  • Pacing. I could walk as fast or as slow as I wanted to without worrying about losing another person. As someone who enjoys exploring, I could take a few seconds here and there to check out places of interest without inconveniencing someone else.
  • Travel. I only used a taxi once and it was because I simply wouldn't have made it to the theatre in time otherwise (I took the bus to the city and back home in the same day). The rest of the day, I opted to walk (the weather was perfect for it). I'd say I walked around 3 miles that day, something not everyone is fond of doing.
  • Decisions. A huge stressor for me is trying to make a decision in a large group when there's no formal itinerary in place. Suddenly, choosing where to eat lunch becomes a huge, dramatic conflict. I was crushed for time so I didn't eat at all until after the show, but I passed place after place without feeling the pressure of having to choose immediately.
I wish I'd had more time to meander about, but as an introvert, a day alone in the city was perfect. Sure, it would have been nice to have someone to share the experience of the (amazing) show with, but overall, as someone who feels odd even eating alone in public, I found the experience to be both relaxing and liberating.

Of course, common sense and safety are to be considered. I felt comfortable taking this trip alone since I'd been to NYC before and have become more city-savvy/comfortable in the past few years. I always recommend making the best decision for yourself and taking appropriate safety precautions anywhere.

Have you taken a trip alone? How did you feel about the experience?

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  1. This sounds like a great day! I travel a lot for work and really enjoy having a few days by myself in new cities.

  2. My first trip to NYC was solo- when I was working at Dulles the first time. It was Christmastime in '98 and it was amazing!

  3. I spent a day in Paris and a day in Rome by myself in college and they were some of my favorite days of my study abroad adventures! I proved to myself that I could get around where I don't speak the language and I could do whatever I wanted and not have to worry about doing anything else.

  4. oh staying in a hotel room by myself is a luxury I experienced once and that I'd totally be game for again in my life!

  5. Good for you! I travel by myself for work at lot, and at first I didn't like it but now I am a huge fan!

  6. I love to travel alone, in fact right now I do most of my traveling alone. As someone who is always on it just gives me time to stop and breathe alone. Glad you had a great experience!

  7. I haven't vacationed alone before, but I think I'd like it! I love to have a few days away from the kids with my hubby but a night or two alone sounds nice too! Thanks you for linking up with us at the Best of the Blogosphere!

  8. I've traveled alone quite a bit--but only "travel", as in from a Michigan airport to a Malaysian airport, or some other such route. Or a roadtrip to a family member's home. I've never gone on a little trip totally alone--and I kind of doubt that I would, unless I had a really, really big incentive to go, like the destination was Disney, haha! The musical sounds like it was that kind of incentive for you!


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