3 TV Shows We Binge-Watch...and 2 I Never thought I would

November 9, 2015 United States

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I try not to watch much TV. I could be reading or exploring or doing something more productive. But, when Sean comes home from a 10-hour work day drained of all energy...that's about all the quality time I can get. Thanks to hulu (and the Roku 3 I bought him last Christmas), we've found a few agreed upon shows for some evening unwinding together. Some are quite popular while some have me rolling my eyes at myself, but I enjoy them just the same:

The Mindy Project

I was so excited to start watching this show...and so confused at the first few episodes of Season 1 . Of course, the show found it's sweet spot and I've been enjoying it since. I feel like this show is pretty popular and was suprised that it wasn't renewed after season 3. Praise to hulu for keeping Mindy and Danny in our living room!

The Last Man on Earth

I found Season 1 to be so frustrating...I really hoped the show would be canceled, and I felt that way up until the last five minutes of the finale when finally something of interest was sparked. I've enjoyed season two a lot more, but seriously, what's with Phil's brother? I feel like they teased us with that angle, then just dropped it.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Sean wanted to start watching this together and I had no interest whatsoever (I had no clue what the show was even about). I was kinda "meh" for the first episode or two, then quickly came to love it. As late comers, we were able to binge watch Seasons 1 and 2 on hulu...but now we're in real-time awaiting each episode like everyone else.

Swamp People

Sean discovered History Channel on the Roku and started watching Swamp People. I was rolling my eyes and asking all sorts of questions before sitting down to figure out what the heck was going on....and now we've watched Seasons 1 ,2, and 6 (thanks History Channel for omitting seasons. Not cool). Honestly, the show is super redundant, but still somehow addictive. Like most reality shows, it's the people who are of the most interest. It was cool to see the personal growth of some cast since we watched season 6 first and then went back.

Mountain Men

Again, History Channel dangled a carrot with this one. We watched seasons 1 1 and 2 on the Roku (it took me several episodes to warm up to this show), then season 3 was omitted. Oh, but this time, I bought the DVD on amazon. We're working our way through it now, then it's back to the Roku for season 4. It's really interesting getting to know the cast and observing their different lifestyles.

What's been in your TV queue recently?
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  1. I don't watch any of those! I watch Once Upon a Time, The Blacklist, Downtown Abbey and Reign.

  2. I've never heard of any of these! Besides HGTV, I watch some British soaps.

  3. Yaaas, to the two History Channel shows.

  4. the first two are ones that have intrigued me but I've never really watched


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