Is 90's Beauty Coming Back?

September 21, 2015 Baltimore, MD, USA

Don't act like your high school makeup bag wasn't a hot mess of a broken CoverGirl compacts
In that wonderful stretch of time where I should be out of bed and preparing for the day, but instead have chosen to stay under the covers while reading e-mails and scrolling through facebook on my phone, a particular BuzzFeed headline caught my attention:

23 People Who Look Drop Dead Amazing Wearing Brown Lipstick

Um, yes please I thought. My go-to makeup in high school was all brown. Brown blush and shadow pallet from Cover Girl. Brown lipstick from Neutrogena. Even the occasional brown nail polish. While my brand preferences have certainly matured, I loved wearing those colors and I'm thrilled to see them getting some love again (I still totally wear brown shadows all the time, but definitely haven't done the lip thing in awhile).

This gem? I can still tell you it was called "Country Woods" and it was my teenage staple.
While technically this was an early 2000's photo, you get the idea: brown. This is also where I say I'm glad I never did anything to be trendy because I've never looked back at my senior photos and been embarrassed by my makeup.

Honestly, the most embarrassing thing about this photo is the awful scan quality (I consider the cheesy poses a rite of passage). My, how technology has improved. But the brown? Welcome back, friend!

Also, I'm pretty sure I can still buy every single makeup item I'm wearing in this photo. 
Time for a re-create?

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  1. you should definitely recreate that look!

    Funny about yearbook photos :) I don't regret any of mine, but that's mainly because I didn't wear makeup in hardly any of them except in a few of my high school photos so there's not too many makeup regrets there lol. thanks for this fun post!

    stop by and chat with me ♥

  2. The good old days right? I am so scared to look at yearbook pics of myself. I promise I have not always been a beauty lover lol I wore little makeup in hs and now look at me lol That is what happens when you go to college and join a sorority:)

  3. Omigosh I'm pretty sure I had that same palette!

  4. I'm glad to see brown making a comeback too. I still love all shades of brown and taupe for my eyes. I can't see using the brown lipstick I loved in the 90s, but a rosey brown shade is great! ;) Thanks for linking up with us at the Best of the Blogosphere! We'd love to see you back with another post tomorrow!


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