DIY Graduation Gift for New Teachers

May 25, 2015 Baltimore, MD, USA

The year Sean and I got married, everyone got married. We had 1-2 weddings each month from June until October.

"Next it'll be funerals,"  people would tell us. I guess it's supposed to be funny. Well, they were wrong. It's not funerals dominating our schedule these days. It's not even baby showers.

It's graduations.

Our facebook feeds and personal calendars exploded with graduation announcements and invites this year. This weekend was spent at two parties for three graduates. Our fifth wedding anniversary will be spent at Sean's sister's high school graduation. Oy. Is it time for vacation yet?

Well, nothing breaks the bank like multiple events happening at once, and I hate giving money (even though I know people receiving it, myself included!). Two of the three graduates we celebrated this weekend will be teaching elementary school and I know nothing will break their banks like the constant need for supplies. So, I figured for an affordable, physical gift that would certainly be of use, I'd help get the ball rolling.

I started with a hard basket (those fabric cubes would work great, too) since storage is always needed, and added essential classroom supplies: hand sanitizer and tissues for all the germs floating around, pens and pencils that will have all magically disappeared the first week, lip balm because everyone needs it, and other misc. office supplies. Each finished basket ended up costing around $25 and could easily be customized with other classroom must-haves and even gift cards to places like the dollar store, Five Below, or Target to further their supply fulfillment.

They were so fun to put together, and unlike cliche novelty gifts or inspirational books, I know these will be used!

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