easy, pretty nails with Jamberry [re•view + giveaway]

January 16, 2015 Baltimore, MD, USA

In 2014, my social media feeds were all swarming with pictures of "Jamicures." Tell me I'm not the only one! By the Holidays, I'd been invited to countless parties. By year's end, I'd gone from knowing one Jamberry consultant to knowing 4. Wow!

So, what's the deal?

jamberry nail wraps
just 5 of the wraps on my wish list...
All along, I thought that (most of) the wraps were cute... but I refused to try them because I doubted my own abilities. If I can't put a screen protector on my cell phone without getting it misaligned and having bubbles all over the place, I don't know how on earth I can make some microscopic sticker sit just right on my nails without looking like someone's toddler did it.

My mind was flashing back to those horrid press-on nails of the 90's that never worked. Nope. Things that press on my nails don't work, so Jamberry, you will not happen. No way, no how.

Things in Jamberry land seemed to explode right around Thanksgiving. Somehow I won a drawing and won a free sheet of wraps. Hey, if they're free, what do I have to lose? I picked a cute Christmas pattern and got to work with my (rather crude, I'm not buying fancy stuff) tools.

The result?

Jamberry nails tinsel town
"Tinsel Town"

Better than I expected! No ugly bubbles or poor fits. And despite not using the recommended application tools, application wasn't as difficult as I expected. Most of the wraps stayed on. Not bad for a rookie try!

Also, right about that time, another consultant was looking for reviewers. Why the heck not? This was the perfect way to see if 1. The tools matter and 2. practice makes perfect. Jill sent me a sheet of wraps (enough for 2 manis and 2 pedis) as well as an application kit.

Jamberry nails feeling festive
"Midnight Celebration" with a sample wrap
The answers are 1. yes and 2. yes. The wraps stayed on much longer (they can last up to two weeks on hands and longer on toes, but I'm antsy!) this time and having the kit, especially the scissors, made application much simpler!

So, I've applied these things twice...and I'm a believer! I love that they aren't polish (I wreck polish by day 2 if I haven't already in the painting/drying process), I love how long they last but you can easily apply/remove whenever, and I just love that they're fun but subtle.

Jamberry nails seasonal designs
They also have seasonal designs!

Have you tried a Jamberry wrap yet? Or are you nervous like I was? Jamberry has great resources including application videos to get you started. Plus, you can try before you buy—just contact Jill for a free sample!

Like what you've seen/tried? Order up! Or, if you're feeling lucky, enter below for a $25 Jamberry credit with Jill!

(also, you can check out other giveaways and link up your own here!)

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