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January 19, 2015 Baltimore, MD, USA

Thanks to eshakti for the pretty dress and to Mother Nature for calming down long enough for me to wear it!

I've always told myself that if when I joined the ranks of bloggers who got to choose and customize an eshakti dress, I needed to pick something work-friendly that I could wear in all seasons: a modest length, neckline, and 3/4 length sleeves.

Finally, the coveted e-mail came and a custom dress was mine! In a timely fashion, the dress I chose arrived on Christmas Eve. The ponte fabric was so stretchy and comfy, yet so heavy and sturdy. I knew I'd picked a winner. I couldn't wait to show it off at the office!

Did I say all seasons? Maybe not. Winter hit Maryland pretty hard in 2015, and the first week back involved high temperatures that started with a '1'. No, thank you.

Eventually, the temps crawled from below freezing to exactly freezing long enough for me to finally enjoy my new dress!

eshakti dress
If the bag looks familiar, you first saw it last May when I received it from Red Buffalo Trading. I still love it!

It was still freaking cold and so currently my favorite way to "style" the dress is with a coat, like above. But, I know eventually temps will come back to a place where I can enjoy it like so:

eshakti baltimore
Don't let the excessive sunshine fool you. It's freezing outside!

Oh yes, I'm excited for milder temps so I can work this into the work wardrobe rotation more often. I mean, the pretty color, the fun neckline....the pockets! I could seriously sleep in this thing, but it's totally pretty and work acceptable. Oh, and it's machine washable. I washed the dress (in a lingerie bag) before even taking these photos and hang-dried it. No problems whatsoever!

Full disclosure: I tried an eshakti dress before this one that didn't work out for me at all. If you're a curvy girl. note that the full skirts really are very full. It wasn't a good fit and I didn't care for the fabric at all. 

This is where I get to brag: customer service was amazing! The return process of the first dress was super easy and hassle free, and they let me select another style (as you see) and helped me confirm all measurements were taken properly to ensure the best fit (I took advantage of the option to submit all my measurements for an exact fit, but you can also select your size). I now can identify which styles are best for me and know that I prefer the ponte fabric dresses to some of the other fabrics on the site. I'm already eyeballing this ponte beauty for the spring:

I'm thinking I'll be customizing it with short sleeves.

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  1. I'm so glad it worked out the second time around. I really need to pick another one myself...

  2. Yes yes yes. I love the dress. The street style photo. The disclosure. That's it's modest and work appropriate. Ayyy, I just love it an Eskati.

  3. pretty color!
    I cross my fingers they want me to do another review like all the time!

  4. So pretty and you look great in it!

  5. Love the bright color! We all tend to wear so much black, it's great to see a fun color by contrast. That neckline is super!

  6. The dress you picked is so cute!!!

  7. I did not know you could customize clothing online. Just browsed eShakti and I might try it out for a summer dress. Loved your images and experience. "I'll be watching you!'


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