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December 31, 2014 Baltimore, MD, USA

It's no secret I'm not big on resolutions. Not in the way most of us treat them these days. That idea was the birth of this blog.

Of course I'd like to drop some pounds, erase my debt, and keep an immaculate house. Of course I want to be a better person. But those big goals are a big undertaking and are the most successful when you set and accomplish small goals to get there.

When I set my goal in 2013 of eating less meat, I had no idea I was one recipe away from becoming a vegetarian. I had no idea I would start taking a closer look at not only the food I ate, but the products I used. I took a small step that led to more small steps that led to overall lifestyle change.

For 2014, I set two small goals. I can say for certain I'm happy with the results of the first. As for the second...well, sorry to people with birthdays after March who didn't get birthday cards from me. I do care, I promise!

I hadn't thought much on goals for 2015. I always want to build on what has been achieved but didn't have anything specific in mind for how to further my "green living" efforts. Inspiration was recently delivered in my facebook feed when I saw an article about Lauren over at Trash is for Tossers. Wow. This chick is light years ahead of me and puts me to shame in terms of being friendly to the environment.

Long story short, I have a new blog to add to my list of favorites and a new (ish) re•solve for 2015. I think about ingredients in my food and in my products for sure, but TifT has forced me to also take a look at where those products go when they're done. Sure I recycle what I can and void littering, but what more can I do to scale back on the constant outgoing trash? Where does that toxic plastic item go when I'm finished with it?


It's time to take a closer look and declare 2015 as the year of less waste.

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