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December 22, 2014 Baltimore, MD, USA

Disclaimer: Red Brick Candle provided me with free product in exchange for my opinions which are my own.

I've mentioned before that I have a sensitivity to synthetic fragrance. It's sad, really. I want to have nice smelling bath and body products and home fragrance products....but I have to be uber cautious. My teenage self adored Bath and Body Works and Yankee Candle; the mention of those names today is enough to begin the headache the store would now inevitably give me.

But, it's Christmas and it's definitely the time to make home a little extra cozier and welcoming with some fragrance. I just have to use caution when finding products, As far as candles go, soy wax is an absolute must. It's amazing the difference when burning - no nasty smoke to further soot the air.

Thankfully, just in time for the holidays, Red Brick Candle released their first collection, "loft," inspired by, well, luxury loft living. The collection includes three hand-crafted scents made with soy-based wax and essential and/or natural fragrance oils. Loft No. 2 (I love the understated names and packaging, it's refreshing!) jumped right out at me. Cinnamon? cloves? yes please.

Allow me to start with the obvious: the packaging is classy and perfect for gifting! I love wrapping everything, but really, with a box like this, slap a bow on and you're done (really, with Amazon Prime, it's a great last minute gift)! But then, you open the box, and it gets better:

I mean, these guys have thought of everything. Any little thing to exceed expectations is always a plus in my book. In this case, my expectations were a candle in a box. But then they make sure you're good to go with some matches so you can enjoy the fragrance right away and a coupon for your next candle (which is perfect as they have announced that additional collections are on the way including "manor" and "bungalow.")!

Oh, and if you do your homework, it gets better: I'm all about giving back, and it turns out that ten percent of all Red Brick Candle proceeds directly benefit urban revitalization and community development initiatives in their local communities. As a new city dweller myself, this is a huge win!

I know, I know....onto the important stuff - how does it smell?

Delicious! It wasn't the traditional spicy scent I'd expected, but very cinnamon-y and festive. Sean actually said it smelled like a fireball (whether that be candy or booze, I'll let you decide). Anyway, the fragrance is yummy and there's lots of it.

I loved the presentation of this candle. I love the ingredients used and the good being done by Red Brick Candle. Unfortunately, I am still sensitive and while the scent itself is not at all a problem for me, the strength of it is. I'm looking forward to their future collections and hoping for a scent that fits our home perfectly.

In the loss is your gain! One fortunate reader will have a home that continues to smell festive: just enter below!

Red Brick Loft Candle

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