when did I get so...old?

October 28, 2014

If you had gifted 21 year old me a bottle of wine, I would have smiled politely and re-gifted that sucker. Where's the Smirnoff ice?

Heck, if you had gifted newly-wedded 24 year old me a bottle of wine, I'd have done the same. Where's the bay breeze?

29 year old me was sitting at home on Sunday, sipping a glass of wine... from a bottle that I bought. On purpose. There are even more bottles I've yet to open that I also bought on purpose. I fully intend to drink them. And the thought of Smirnoff ice or any of those other bottled drinks makes me want to gag.

What the heck happened to me?

Other danger signs I've noticed:
  • Lemons, garlic, and onions must all be fresh. I used to never purchase these items. A bottle of lemon juice was perfectly fine (now, I turn my nose up at the stuff), garlic salt did the job, and onions were terrible things I didn't associate with. Now, they're the base of 90% of the things I make.
  • Speaking of garlic, I just (like 3 months ago) began using a garlic press and I ask myself every time how I went so long without one. It's my new must-have!
  • I get mad at myself when I forget the reusable bags.
  • I'm trying really, really hard to "start a crock pot habit" because I haven't been feeling the cooking thing lately but I hate the money I've been wasting on eating out. (feel free to share your favorite vegetarian slow cooker recipes in the comments!)
  • I struggle when buying shoes because I want the comfort brands (ow, why do my feet always hurt?!), but why are they so ugly and well, old? I did luck out recently with some Aerosoles riding boots. Yikes.
I scare myself a little, though I think these are all good things (except the shoes maybe!). What surprising changes have you noticed in the past few years?
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