influenster's biggest faux pas yet!

May 17, 2014


It's no secret that I haven't had much luck with Influenster. It's almost become a game now. They send me something. I hate it. I tell everyone how much I hate it assuming Influenster won't work with me ever again. They send me more stuff...and the cycle begins again.

Well, the last box I received was the most tolerable to date. I thought they might be improving. Then I didn't hear from them for some time. Almost 6 months, actually. Finally, an invite came to my inbox. I clicked, ready to take the survey.

Then I laughed:

Are you familiar with Mary Kay? Do you like Mary Kay? Have you used them? Are you a consultant?

Oy. I made it pretty clear that I'm not a fan ...but lo and behold, a pretty pink box showed up on my doorstep. I don't know who was more entertained between Sean and I.

Oh yes, the genius folks of Influenster sent me the Mary Kay Sun-Kissed #mkglam box. Way to go.

By the way, this is the part where I tell you, just in case you didn't know, that this is totally conflict of interest. Yes, I've used MK before. But, then I discovered Arbonne which blew MK out of the water. Oh, I'm also an Arbonne Consultant. So yes, I am biased. Most of my opinions won't be nice, but they are mine. So, here you go:

The products I actually tried as you can tell from my lovely finger smudges.

The good:

  • Two brushes were included. Can't go wrong with brushes. The powder brush does shed a bit, but I've seen worse.
  • The translucent powder does what translucent powder is supposed to do. There is no wow factor, but it does the job.
  • Most of the colors were ones I could/would actually wear. This rarely happens.
  • The biggest compliment you will see in this entire review: packaging kudos on the aforementioned translucent powder. You can turn to open and close access to the powder - this is amazing! It avoids the messes that come with loose powders and mineral foundations and I really really hope other cosmetic companies take note and adopt this- I hate powder messes!
I didn't take many pictures, but Hayley also reviewed the same box and her review shows what I mean here)

The meh:
  • Some colors were ones that were way too bold/harsh for my complexion (I'm super pale just in case you couldn't tell). Specifically the black gel eyeliner (yeah, right) and the mango tango lip gloss. I didn't try these, rather gave them away to people who would actually use them.
  • The blush had kind of a weird sheen to it. This is a personal preference. The color is pretty but the finish is better for teenage girls probably.
The ugly:
  • The creme eye color doesn't blend at all. You wear it heavy or barely visible. On top of that, it wiped my eyeliner right off my eyelid! (I don't like my liner to look harsh so I apply it pre-shadow). Oh, and even if you do apply heavy-handed (no thanks), it doesn't last long at all.
  • The bronzing powder doesn't really set well either. It looked kind of dirty on my face and very obvious. No thanks. Go very light-handed with this product.
  • The mascara does make lashes look long and such, but it's a super wet formula. As in don't blink for five minutes or you'll have a mess on your hands (or face). No thanks.

So, there you have it. What fun will they send me next?
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  1. hahaha! Classic Influenster. Honestly, though, makeup is such a personal thing, when it comes to colors and shades and brands and skin sensitivities--I think it would be much harder for a computer to match people up with the right makeup for them than for the person themselves! I've figured out what I like mostly through trial and error.

  2. I got an Influenster box once and no idea what I was supposed to do with it? BzzScore is so much easier!

  3. I just don't understand why they keep sending you boxes lol

  4. I don't know why I was so tickled by this. I still need to fill out the invitation you sent me. Am I required to do a post on my blog if I receive a box?


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