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May 28, 2014

2014 is definitely the year of optimism for Sean and I. So many good things have happened and there's much more to look forward to. Here's just a handful of things I'm excited about right now:

  • Arbonne's new lineup! We got 11 new products this month and I'm thrilled for them all (be on the lookout for reviews) I'm unsurprisingly in love with everything I've tried thus far.
    Oh, man. I've been waking up a LOT less tired because of this baby and I LOVE it!
  • To lose some weight! There's a reason I don't share photos of myself on here often. I'm disgusted with the weight I'm at. It's embarrassing. I eat clean but it never seems to be enough. So, now I'm super thrilled because two of Arbonne's new products are for weight loss (and feature ingredients endorsed by Dr.Oz)! I started using them Friday (great timing with the Memorial Day festivities), and I'm excited to see the changes in 30 days!
  • For our move! I've been nervous to share this until we were further in the process, but we are buying our first house! God has  been beyond good. If all continues to go well, we will close in early July!

What are you excited for?

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    You guys are buying your first house!?
    Congratulations! You must be soooo beyond excited for that!
    I am excited for you.

    Doing a little happy dance for those gorgeous wood floors. And that brick wall!? Dying.
    SOOOOO east coast and SOOOOO my style.

    1. I'm with Britt. You know I freaked when you told me and sent me the snapchat. I can't wait for y'all to be living inside it.

  2. Buying a house? Whoa. That's crazy exciting! Hope everything goes as smoothly as possible with that process!

  3. So happy about your house adventures! I am in the same weight loss boat as you are. Can't wait to see if this works for you:)

  4. I've been at a plateau with my weight loss for months and it's so frustrating. I totally empathize. Congrats on the house! Is it in Baltimore?


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