bunny invasion!

May 5, 2014

Sean and I got a pleasant surprise outside our sliding glass door last week...

A bunny family! A mom and three babies, to be exact. Sadly, one baby has since passed, but we're having so much fun watching the little family interact and hop around. The babies are already so speedy! It's our new form of entertainment for sure. So much cuteness!

You can see one baby to the lower left of mom

Also, speaking of bunnies, I made it to the post office to pick up my Blogger Basket Swap package - Caley definitely understood my love of bunnies as the theme was quite present in the abundance of chocolate she sent me. Thanks girl!

So, I grabbed the package before running errands which explains why the eggs are eaten and the other bunnies are a bit melted...still tasty though! And the bag is so cute.



  1. So cute! We get plenty of wildlife around our house...but woodchucks and possums aren't what I'd call 'cute'. :P

  2. LOVE bunnies! I had two growing up and they had tons of babies. Loved that time of life.

  3. The bunnies are so cute! We have a lot around our apartment for some reason. The sad thing is our dog likes to chase them all away. :(

  4. Yes ma'am to all of this. I saw all I've pics on FB and was dying from all the cuteness.

  5. Aww! We had a bunny hole full of baby bunnies a couple summers ago. They were so cute!

  6. Hahah that is too cute! That blogger box swap sounds so fun and cool. Glad you received some good stuff!


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