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April 21, 2014

Hope everyone had a blessed Easter weekend!

We had a fun time in PA Friday and Saturday - we made the mistake of trying to squeeze too much in but still enjoyed ourselves. I went through the camera and realized 90% of them were from the events involving animals. So, if anyone was curious about our you know. But they are wonderful creatures and I'm sure you will agree.

We drove up Friday afternoon and stopped at Perrydell Farm in York, PA to meet a PA friend and her two girls for ice cream. They allow self-guided tours, so we walked about to enjoy the cows - particularly the babies. So cute!

Notice this little girl is eating my sweater - she would lick you from head to toe!

This baby girl was born the night before our visit! She had a hard time finding her bottle

Also, the dairy is where the only pic of Sean and I was taken all weekend:

We parted ways with our friends for a far-too-rushed game of mini gold before rejoining them plus her husband for dinner before checking in to our hotel - the Harvest Moon Bed & Breakfast! I'm embarassed to have no pictures, but only so much. It was nice to relax, and obviously, you see we like animal pictures more than room pictures :) Regardless, the B&B was amazing - we found them on LivingSocial and decided to give it a shot after seeing the great reviews which were all true - the inn was comfy, the breakfast superb, and the owner was super nice and great to chat with - I'd highly recommend stopping in to anyone visiting Lancaster County.

The next day we rushed a bit too much - most things shut down by 5-6 pm but we had a few things we wanted to do. Yikes! If we could do it again, we would extend the first half of our day and skip the second as it was mainly tourist-y stuff.

Our first stop was the Sturgis Pretzel Factory where we got a quick but fun and informative tour involving the history of pretzels and the factory itself - we also practiced twisting pretzels and got "certified." Of course we bought pretzels after the tour which were delicious!

Then we were off to the highlight of our trip - the Wolf Sanctuary of PA! The wolves were all so cute and fun to watch and the volunteers all had so much great information. We could have stayed all day if not for all the people there (darn crowds, agh!)

Jumping up begging for food...just like a dog 
Blind but knows there's food!

aren't they beautiful?

After that, it was off in another direction to a weapons museum (yay for Sean, yawn for me) and then Kitchen Kettle Village for shopping and the obligatory buggy ride. The ride was definitely fun - our driver was friendly and it was great to chat and hear more information about the Amish, but Kitchen Kettle Village was really just a tourist trap - I could have happily skipped it. 

After all this we were wiped and headed back to the B&B to relax until dinner. Then one last breakfast Sunday morning before our trip home!

We definitely had a great time, but missed out on the "relaxing" part of the trip - a piece of advice to anyone visiting (and to ourselves for next time)  - plan less and go at your own pace more! We really enjoyed our time in Lititz where we were in the morning and could have easily explored about the town at our own pace all day versus rushing around trying to fit many things in.

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  1. Sounds like such a fun weekend away!! I love staying in B&Bs!

  2. Wow what an awesome weekend! I love that photo of you and Sean! B&Bs are seriously the best. I absolutely love animals and that would sanctuary seems great! Just curious, are you doing an actual link up for the #bbswap? I just got mine today and am sharing it on my blog tomorrow :)

  3. That's what vacations are all about! Relax and enjoy yourself!

  4. I love B&Bs!! Sounds like a wonderful weekend!!

  5. This looks like such a fun day!!How cute is that baby cow????

  6. I always would visit Amish country when I was little - brings back memories!

  7. Sounds like a wonderful time and no pictures just means you were enjoying it so much!! Those baby cows are SO cute!


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