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March 24, 2014

My little blog has certainly grown since I began last year, but I certainly feel like a small fish in a big pond at times. I know there are tons of bloggers bigger than I and tons more who I haven't even heard of.  I feel at times like I've settled into a blog "clique" (yikes, but I'm sure we all kind of have our favorite blog friends!)

That's where bloggy programs come in handy. Cara Box is of course a favorite of mine, but I also get to know new blogs via my own sponsorship giveaway and even sometimes a little networking. No better way to get to know a stranger than to force yourself!

Anyway, the most recent Cara Box matches were announced earlier this month. The program is now instagram based, and through the course of many posts, tags, and even blog comments, I've come to realize that maybe the pond ain't so big. Allow me to elaborate with some numbers:
  • This is my 7th Cara Box Exchange
  • The 1st person to send me a Cara Box was Britt, who designed the blog of my 3rd round partner, Aleshea.
  • Aleshea and I got along so well from that swap, that we have since collaborated on 2 blog projects - the #12dc linkup and the #bbswap!
  • It took me 5 rounds of Cara Box before I was assigned a partner I already knew - Chelsee!
  • I suggested the "green" Cara Box theme last April (my 2nd round) - so did Holly. While we have never been CB buddies, we have sponsored each other many times since!
  • This swap, I am sending a box to Heather. Heather previously sent a box to Aleshea who I mentioned previously.
  • Speaking of Heather, she is sending a box to Charlene who is on my sidebar for the 2nd time! I met her through my sponsorship giveaway!
  • My other partner this swap is Kristi - who previously received a box from Charlene!
  • And ...the very same Charlene is sending a box to Savanna this round who has also won my sponsorship giveaway!
  • I mentioned 8 bloggers above, and 3 of them currently have spots on my sidebar (mind you, I've been doing CB since last March!) - Chelsee, Aleshea, & Charlene!
Between the 8 bloggers above (myself not included):
  • Aleshea and I have 2 connections in common - same for Heather and I
  • Charlene and I have 3 connections in common
  • The rest of us have at least 1 in common in just this small group...that we know of.
What are the odds? Especially when you look at the Cara Box link ups and realize how many bloggers participate! Yet, here we are in this little intertwined bloggy web.'s a small world, after all.

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(PS-  I think it would totally be fun to bet on who within this list gets paired up next time!)


  1. Wow it is a small world. I was surprised to be paired with you and I think already knowing a bit about you helped me get you some things I thought you would like.

  2. It is totally a small blogging world :)

  3. It is a small world! One of my friends outside of blogging is one of your readers as well as mine, and we didn't even know it until we saw that each other liked/commented on your IG.

  4. Yaaayy I fit into your six degrees! I was paired with Holly the month you both suggested the "green" theme!

  5. The blogging world sure can be surprisingly small...and surprisingly big at the same time! It's strange, but I like it!

  6. I LOVE this! It really is a small world. So cool. And yet, I know there are tons of bloggers out there I have never met!

  7. I realized how small of a world blog world is when I read a blog post from someone I know in real life who I thought wasn’t totally into the connection aspect of blogging. Then I looked at her comments section and saw one from a person who is blog besties with someone else I know in real life, and these real life friends don’t know each other so they’ve never talked about this mutual friend. So crazy!

    1. Ha! that you mention it, last year I was looking through Cara Box link up posts - I saw one I didn't think much of, but later on, I friended a volleyball acquaintance of my husband's on FB and realized she was a blogger - and that blog I'd seen months before was hers!

  8. WERK! It really is a small world. And that's ok cause it will make it easier for us to have blog domination.

  9. I love that! So much fun! I love how connected we can become in blog world, I enjoy the friendships. Glad to have "met" you!

  10. I love seeing all the connections put together! The green theme was my first Carabox last year!


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