when un-inspiration strikes...

November 18, 2013

My brain is straight up blank today. Can't think of a thing to write whether it be on this here blog or on the monthly Arbonne newsletter I'm trying to write up. The words that normally flow are on hiatus...probably in Jamaica where I need to be right now.

I am going to blame seasonal depression. No, I don't have a diagnosis but I know I get tired and cranky and lazy when it's dark at 5 and I have to wear pants AND shoes. Ugh.

Sometimes, it gets even colder and I have to wear more. Like this past Saturday at the last Navy home game of the season:

I'm only smiling because Sean said I'd scare you all if I didn't.

Yep. That is how I tailgate in the cold. Sorry to any of you people who thought I was cool. This is me all winter long. There's actually an explanation for this, but for now I'll just let you all think I'm a loser so I can go get in the tub where it's nice and warm.

Come back tomorrow for an Arbonne post, and hopefully my writing brain will return shortly.

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  1. Haha I am the same way Bekah! Sometimes posts about nothing are my favorite!

  2. Wait, there is a such thing as seasonal depression and you didn't make it up? Girl, come to Texas and we'll show you how to tailgate. It was a tad cold for about a week but now the weather has warmed up and it's been beautiful. You'd be so jealous. High 60's to los 70's all week. A tad chillly for my liking but I won't complain


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