vlog: recent influenster adventures

November 22, 2013

I've been blogging nearly a year now. This is my first vlog.

Sorry, but once you see it, you'll know why.

Aside from the fact that I'm just super awkward on camera, I did this on the laptop which clearly can't keep up with my rapid rate of speech because this vid is so out of sync.

Anyway, I got yet another vox box from Influenster, and they wanted a video review this time, so hear my thoughts and meet me in all of my vlogging glory (again, sorry!)

Happy Friday!

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  1. Oh, you and your Influenster adventures. Glad this box was better for you!

  2. You are too cute! It seems like a nice box!

  3. Another one? Too funny! I'm glad this one was better. Love the vlog. I've been debating whether to do one, but I'm a chicken.

  4. I think you did great for your first vid!! also, Rimmel mascara is my fav! That brush HUGE though and takes some getting used to.
    xo dana

    1. You are so right about the brush! I didn't go in depth with this vid as I felt like I was talking forever, but it is a big brush and I definitely got mascara on my skin more than I would like to :)


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