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November 11, 2013

Q&A Answers are at the end of this post. :)

One of the first traditions I was included in with Sean's family is Navy football. Certain family members are season ticket holders and thus we end up at pretty much every home game, every fall.

The first game we ever went to together - Navy vs. MD in 2005 (at M&T Bank Stadium, actually)
I grew up in an anti-sports household. I think my parents are still scratching their heads as to why I attend these things.

Well, here's the truth:

I love tailgating. I love food. I love exploring the stadium and watching the mids march on the field. I love the flyovers (that we so haven't had this year) I love the together time and people watching. I love Bill the goat.

What I don't love is football.

Whoops. Yeah. I said that. I haven't been to games because of work in close to three years, so I thought I'd have a break enough to have a longer attention span, but it isn't so. I'm thinking of our "conversations" the past few games and realizing I watch next to none of the game and wondering why Sean tolerates me being there when he's trying to watch:

Me: Intentional grounding!
Him: No. Shut up.
Me: No. That's my new favorite penalty (they had tried to call it earlier and I'd never actually been to a game where I recall that penalty being applied. It wasn't legit, by the way)

Me: Awww. That little girl behind us is saying "Navy! Navy! Navy!"

Sean (when I've returned from a concession trip or something): The goat was sitting down. I thought you'd like it:

Of course I did. I guess I'm rubbing off on him

Me: Hey! The goats are wearing coats!

And leis. This game was vs. Hawaii
Me: [singing obnoxiously along to one of the five or so same songs they play at every single game]

Me: Why are all these stupid girls wearing leggings? It's freezing!

Yeah. If you like football for the sport and not the social aspect, don't go with me.

You Asked, I answered!

Well, you all aren't a very curious bunch! I'll assume I'm just so thorough that you all don't need to ask. Here are the answers to the questions we did receive:

From Chelsee:  If you could change anything about your big day what would it be?

Overall I have two things, both boil down to me wanting more girl time:

1. I didn't end up having a bachelorette party which would have been fun. It's partially my fault as I didn't choose a maid of honor (I love all my girls!), didn't assign duties (just put on the dress and show up! I'm low maintenance) and they were all in different states anyhow.
2.I mentioned my hair and makeup fun on the day of - I wish it would have been in the budget to have hair/makeup people come to us so we all could have spent the morning getting ready together.

From Rachel: Is Bekah your full name or a nickname?

My given name is Rebecca. My parents agreed on the name, but not the spelling. My mom wanted the Biblical Rebekah, but my dad won...until I became a teenager and realized I liked the uniqueness of the other spelling and decided to use it. I've labeled myself Bekah since I was 13 or so.

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  1. LOL! I am the saaaame way when it comes to football. This was so funny to read!

  2. My Dad still tells the story of my first baseball game--I ate popcorn and peanuts and cotton candy, and when I was full, I said, "Can we go home now?" With many innings left. :P I've been to plenty of baseball games since then, that seems to be the game of choice in my family, but I'm definitely there for the food and the company, not the sport!
    And using the Biblical spelling tends to lead to a lot of people misspelling your name (at least in my experience), but I do like the less common version. I never realized how uncommon "Rebekah" is till I grew up, since that's how my sister spells it I kind of assumed everyone did, too!

  3. You watch Navy football?! No way!! So I made a friend in middle school (she became my best friend through high school, we are just friends now) and her brother played for navy so I watched a few games. And went to a few when the played Rice. August Roitsch was her brother's name.

  4. I'm so with you! A and I went to an Eagles game when we lived in Philly and I timed the airplanes taking off from the airport I was so bored. Here, one of my friends and I keep saying that we're going to start an anti-football club. That sport is just not appealing to me. At all!

  5. Being in the Navy, I think it is super cool that you go to Navy home games.

    I saw Navy play in the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl last year. It was so cool..

  6. Haha, girl your commentary is too funny. I love football and (think I) know a lot about it.. my guy friends always tell me to shut up when I try and make calls ;)

  7. I am totally with you on only liking football for the social aspect, lol.


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