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October 23, 2013

Yes, it's Wednesday, but y'all know that's how I roll. I haven't had weekends in over two years until a certain blessing in disguise came around. It's rough not having insurance/income, but it's so nice to have personal time.

On that note...two weekends ago was my ten year class reunion. Yikes! The people who planned the thing failed. Big time. About 1/3 of our graduating class was even aware of the reunion since they invited via facebook only and hoped for word of mouth. On top of that, instead of an official event, they had 3 events - 1 each Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Long story short, it flopped. I was the first to show to the Saturday event and that was coming 45 minutes late! Only one other person showed and thankfully it was one of my best friends who I've known since middle school! She had been to the Friday event and said 30 people showed...better, but out of 600 grads? Lame.

She has the reunion pic of us but hasn't uploaded it, so enjoy these high school pics instead. We were thinner then, anyway!

Getting to spend time with her was still worth it, and if that wasn't enough, the next day I went up to PA with Sean and friends to see Plumb perform (along with MikesChair and Josh Wilson)! Awesome show!

pre-show. not the most glamorous pic. I also finally acknowledged that fall is here by by bringing out the red hair dye.

This past weekend was kicked off with an Arbonne event - I love sharing our awesome products, and this time of the year, I love helping take the stress out of holiday shopping for people! Someone's list has shortened quite a bit since Friday!

And...drum roll...Saturday! The long-awaited day to cross a certain item off my bucket list arrived:

Yep. I finally shot a gun! Several actually. 4 rifles, a civil war replica Remington muzzle loader (thanks stranger!) and a few hand guns. I had a great time and would definitely go again - it was definitely simpler than I expected!

Sean took a bunch of videos and it cracks me up that they all look like this - me shooting, then turning to ask what I hit/seek approval. I didn't do too bad for a first timer (though you may disagree if I uploaded a handgun vid!)

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  1. So cool!! Love the shooting vid! And the red hair! =D

  2. I'm not a fan of shooting handguns--at least the ones I have shot seem to require more wrist strength than I have! I prefer one I can brace against my shoulder. That's too bad that the high school reunions weren't well-attended. My Grandma had her 50th high school reunion a few years ago, and I helped her shop for a new outfit for it--that was back in the day when people didn't move around so much--so many people still live in the same town 50 years after high school!

  3. O wow just shooting a gun...that is exciting!

  4. Sounds about like my high school reunion. It was organized via Facebook very late because the class officers completely flaked out. I think more than 30 people showed up though. I wasn't able to attend because it was when we lived in PA and I was pregnant with E and unable to take the time off to get back to IN.

    And I've only ever held a gun once. It wasn't loaded but it was incredibly scary to me. Definitely something I don't ever want to do again!

  5. I have never had the control needed with guns. But I have also never shot guns that were mounted. Seemed nice that the gun was mounted cause I could hear the kick back when you shot. And your HS Reunion sounds like what ours will be. A big hot mess.

  6. So fun to read about! Love this post!


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