bekah + sean: the wedding, part IV

October 21, 2013

Receiving Line/Reception I

As it turns out, Sean and I know a lot of people. It was hard to trim our guest list down, so we came up with a different solution that I know some will frown upon, but it worked for us: make the ceremony open to all with a mini-reception to follow. Make the formal reception invite-only.

Even though several were so kind as to tell me the day of the wedding that they couldn't make it or just didn't show (seriously? I look back on most things about this day and can laugh about it, but this one still makes me mad. Lots of money down the drain. Rude!), we were happy we did this. It gave us a chance to greet everyone informally and relax - even though we tried to make our rounds at the reception, we only made it to about half of the guests. 

For the mini-reception, we had a receiving line, music playing, and cupcakes and drinks out for everyone. It was simple, fun, and hopefully not as boring as the traditional line as we wanted people to feel free to move about and mingle and come to us when they felt like it versus standing in a line forever and feeling rushed.

To this day, I'm dying to know what prompted this reaction from me...

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  1. cupcakes!!! <3 (excuse my behavior, I go wild when I see them :D) But kidding aside, I have huge problems with people whom I wanna be there vs. huge wedding with more than 200 ppl invited... (headache...)

  2. I think the cupcake idea is too cute!

  3. I think this is a nice way to work it out so that at least everyone could be included and at least get a cupcake (it seems wedding-goers often want some kind of sustenance!)

  4. Congratulations! It looks like you had a beautiful wedding! New follower from The Collective :)

  5. I think that's a great idea, especially if you know a lot of people. I really don't like going to a wedding where you're one of 300 guests at the reception and don't get a chance to even say hello to the bride and groom!

    1. I also don't get why people just don't show up to your wedding/reception. That happened to us, we had 15 or so just not show up or my favorite, tell me after the fact that they forgot they had something else going on that day. Thanks for wasting my money people!

  6. It's been a hit minute since I've been to a wedding. What is this line you speak of

  7. All I can say is that the wedding photos are super amazing. At one of the best Chicago venues we also attended a gorgeous spring themed wedding. I don't think our family could have had a better party time! The party food, d├ęcor and other arrangements were super amazing.


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