sean + bekah: outtakes/deleted scenes

September 16, 2013

I've shared how we met, how we got together, and how we made it official. I love all the feedback I've gotten during this series. Thank you so much!

There were little stories and memories here and there that I wanted to incorporate into our story, but they just didn't flow. Still, they make me smile, and when talking to family, they remember many of the same things.

So here, in no particular order, are some "outtakes" for you to enjoy!

  • On one of our first phone conversations, Sean's cousins were visiting. They knew he was talking to a girl and decided it was the perfect time to bring up his high school girlfriend (they dated 3+ years). Suddenly, in the background, I hear "she dumped you!" ooooh.
One of those cousins may or may not be pictured...
  • Speaking of exes...Sean's ex once got a little intoxicated and left a message (we can't remember if it was text or voicemail) saying "she had dibs" if he and I didn't work out. Whoops. It must have been embarrassing when she had to sober-call him after to apologize.
  • Remember "the 'f' word"? Shortly after making it official, I met even more family...including those two cousins. The younger of the two called Sean to get my name to make me a placecard (awww) for a family dinner. Of course, the spelling of my name isn't all that common. They made an acronym then to remember it. To this day, they use it when someone else gets it wrong. I will forever be known as Boy Elephant Kangaroo Apple Human!
  • I've traveled more in my eight overall years with Sean than in the twenty leading up to that. Growing up, our family vacation was a weekend visiting my dad's siblings & kids in western MD. Since being with Sean, I've been to Disney twice, Myrtle Beach twice, NYC (for the first time ever!), Maine, NJ, PA (though I had been before), Boston, Ohio, West VA, all over VA, and Jamaica! Love it!
Fact: I'm not a Pooh fan, but Sean's mom LOVES the Crystal Palace!
  • When Sean proposed, I actually said "no" first! He had told my mom he would cut my wrist off if I said no. I had to of course test him on that. He didn't find it so funny. Obviously I said yes right after!

  • The night we got engaged, my phone rang at 3 am. A classmate who ended up on my team for a project wanted "to talk." I'd been a little weirded out by him before, but this took the cake. I was clearly dead asleep and he was begging me not to hang up and saying strange things. I hung up. Way to distract me from showing off my bling in the morning...instead I was talking to my professor about how this kid had just taken creepy to the next level and trying to figure out what to do.

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  1. You are too funny. I bet he about died when you said no..that was horrible lol This "Boy Elephant Kangaroo Apple Human" is too funny!

  2. Too funny! Ex calling dibs! And Sean threatening to cut off your wrist! Glad he didn't make good on that one! Love you

  3. hahaha I definitely remember number 1 :p

    1. I bet you do! Lucky for you, Sean confirms that your sister is the guilty party and you were just an accomplice!

  4. Love the acronym! And yikes with the creepy classmate!

  5. I love the creeper. Who does that?!

    And I had never been to Florida before I met I've been three times.


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