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September 12, 2013

If you didn't know, I took a new approach to sponsorship of re•solve when Passionfruit began charging a subscription fee: I am now giving all of my spots away!

I couldn't be happier with my first lineup of ladies; some are familiar faces while others are brand new to me.

Brianna is in the latter group and I am thrilled to have met her. Like her, I know all about the joys of long distance dating! I wish her (and her man) the best, and hope that you come to like her too once you read her lovely introduction below!

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Hello everyone! My name is Brianna and I'm from Endlessly Beloved. I am more than honored to do this guest post for Bekah; her blog has been an inspiration to me! 

So here's a little about me! I'm a student at the University of Arizona. I'm studying psychology right now, but I honestly have no clue what I want to do with that.

I'm obsessed with country music (mainly Luke Bryan) and I love all things pink and sparkly! I also love love.

This is my handsome man, Dj, and me. :)

He's pretty much the star of my blog! He's my favorite thing to talk about. We were friends when we were little and reconnected almost a year ago. He's my world!

He's in the Air Force and we're doing the long distance thing while I'm still in school. It's really tough being away from him, but we manage it pretty well. I just got to visit him in Europe though, and it was amazing!I looove to brag about him, so I apologize in advance haha :)  

I also love crafting and cooking. So you'll find tons of crafts and recipes on my blog!

Like these painted and distressed mason jars!
 ....and these long distance mugs.
...and homemade tacos! Yum :)

I hope you'll stop by and come learn more about me and my crazy life! 

With endless love,


  1. Arizona, tacos, Mason Jars& country music. You got my attention. Favorite LB song. Go

    1. Hi Aleshea!! Uh oh, you can't do that to me! I love them all! Right now my favorite is That's My Kind of Night from his new album. But every song has pretty much been my favorite at one point or another! :)


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