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August 8, 2013

I told y'all I was a Disney nerd!

Today, I am a part of A Peek Into My Paradise's lineup of Disney posts. You can read mine here.

I was thrilled to be able to discuss my favorite Disney park, Epcot!

And remember, all my guest posts and other features can be found at any time here.


  1. Hah that pic is too funny!!!! Looks like you are loving Disney!

  2. Oh my. Bekah, you are the funniest. You always suprise me.

  3. This picture made me lol! I have a very similar one with me and my husband from Epcot. We ran a 5k through epcot a few years ago ( I used to live in FL) and got to go to the park for free! It definitely is my favorite Disney park too! So much good food and culture!


  4. Epcot is one of the parks I really want to go to. I've only ever been to Magic Kingdom. Hopefully when we take the kids in a few years, I can!


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