disney epiphany: finding God in toy story

August 9, 2013

I watched Toy Story with Sean and a friend this week. It was the first time I'd seen the film in years. It was fun to observe all the detail Disney/Pixar put into the film, as well as to see how far animation has progressed since then.

What surprised me the most, however, was a religious parallel that I doubt was intentional on Pixar's part.

Last week, I vaguely posted that I wasn't having such a good day. You see, I lost my job. It was very sudden and the worst part about it was that I really couldn't have done a thing to prevent it from happening. Even knowing the fault wasn't mine, it hurt my pride. Aside from a few close friends, I haven't talked much about it. I even asked my mom not to spread the word to the rest of my family. I didn't want the sympathy - or the gossip.

What does all this have to do with Toy Story? It's all about identity.

Buzz Lightyear goes throughout most of the film convinced that he is, in fact, Buzz Lightyear. It's where his self-worth is entirely found. It is his identity, purpose, and pride.

Of course, we know that Buzz Mistakenly learns his true identity via a TV commercial later in the film: he is a toy. A mere placebo. The depression takes over as Buzz suddenly feels he is a phony who no longer has a purpose. He's embarrassed to be seen by those he knew before this event.

Sound familiar?

The parallel really hit me when Buzz, dressed up from tea time with Sid's younger sister, Hannah, is reunited with Woody, who is ready to get back home to Andy, his owner:

Don't you get it? You see the hat? I am Mrs. Nesbitt?!
Don't you get it? I am unemployed. I am a worthless failure...

I can't even fly out of a window...
I can't even get a good job...

Years of academy training, wasted!
I'm back to square one. Why did I go to college again?

It's easy to get stuck here and wallow. It even seems like Buzz will do just that. He's ready to accept the rocket strapped to his back and call it quits. But then...

"Look, over in that house is a kid who thinks you are the greatest. And it's not because you're a space ranger, pal. It's because you're a toy. You are his toy."

Thus begins a persuasion that leads Buzz to take a look at the sharpie etched beneath his foot and realize his true identity: Andy's toy. When that connects, he can again see meaning in life and move on to serve his ultimate purpose as such.


Me? My self-worth isn't in my job or money (or lack thereof) or any of the other things that stress me on a daily basis. I was devastated, but my job is not my identity, or my purpose. Etched on my heart is a savior with a greater plan for me. He plucks the proverbial rocket from my back, attaches it to His own, and walks with me.

When I put my pride aside to remember this, reality can set in and clear my vision back up. No matter what happens, I am His child. My ultimate purpose is not my job, but rather His plan.


  1. Wow. I have tears in my eyes... and possibly a few goosebumps. I can relate to this big time. I've been there. The way you correlated your situation with Buzz Lightyears situation is so awesome in so many ways. I'm so glad I read this today. We all need to be reminded of the message you are giving us here. I definitely needed this today. Thank you! Sending prayers your way, my friend. =)

  2. This was beautiful. I hate that about your job, I can only imagine that that would be devastating. I love what you said here because I think we can apply it to many parts of our lives. God truly has your future in his hands. I need to be reminded of that daily!

  3. *hugs you and then hands you a job* Wait, I never asked you if you even like hugs. But seriously this is beautiful and you know I can relate Bekah.

  4. What an amazing post. [Hugs] to you first off. I to lost my job in April and had a mini identity crisis. You don't know how strong you are until that's your only option. And by the way you wrote such beautiful words - and hopeful at that! - I can tell you're a strong woman. I found your blog off the 'Lets Be Friends Blog Hop' and I am so glad I did. I look forward to creeping, I mean...browsing :) through your blog. Stay strong.

    Fal @ FalFindsHappiness.blogspot.com

  5. I hope things get better girlie..I am sure that there is the perfect job out there somewhere. I know that if you lived here I would have you a job by the end of the day.

  6. Love this so much! Such a great reminder that we aren't defined by these outward things, but by who we love and who loves us :) Sending some awesome job vibes to you, something great is just around the corner I am sure!

  7. This is so beautiful bekah, and so wise. (suprise, suprise.)
    Heres to hoping and knowing that you'll find another job you love - and that your worth much more than you know!

    enjoy your weekend!

  8. I never would have made this parallel! This is a great post, thanks for sharing it with is! Your job is only what you do, not who you are. So right!

  9. Hugs chica! I'm glad you're able to start looking up.


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