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July 24, 2013

Well hey there! I'm coming back to blog like a normal person soon, I promise. Things have been completely nuts the last week or so! Right now, I'm just enjoying sleeping in my own bed again!

We spent last Saturday through Friday pet sitting for a friend and Arbonne teammate of mine. It was local and of course wonderful, but we then departed her house to go straight up to PA for a family reunion and then hit Hershey Park on our way home.

We got in late Sunday night, and Monday morning I was again reporting for jury duty. Apparently they don't care that you're half deaf. I was in selection til 3:30, then drove back home to work the final hour and a half of my shift (I had to get hours in somewhere!). I was looking forward to a little sleep Tuesday morning, then late Monday night a co-worker asked me to cover her shift. Since the whole jury thing is ruining my life and stealing my hours, I knew I needed to say yes despite being exhausted.

So here we are, already Wednesday, and I've yet to write a real blog post since my recipe last Wednesday. Sorry! You're not going to get one today, either.

However, you can go over to Southern Beauty Guide where Chelsee has featured a guest post of mine. I'm discussing my favorite beauty-related topic: Arbonne! Head on over to check out my story of how I found the stuff and why I love it so darn much!

And remember, my archive of guest posts and other publications can be found here.

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