it's hard to say goodbye [newlywed game]

June 7, 2013

I feel like I only just discovered this fun link up and got to know Karla and Veronica. I'm sad to see it go. What will I do with my Fridays now?

1. What would your spouse be happy doing for hours on end?
Bekah – Sitting in front of the TV playing video games….and the occasional volleyball when he has the energy.
Sean – Petting a puppy (or a few) of our own.

2. If you had the money, what would you buy for your spouse today?
Bekah – I’d get his car fixed from back when some dude in a moving truck backed into it…and a trip to Ireland!
Sean – A pup.

3. What show is your spouse currently loving on tv?
Bekah – any military/war/animal/mechanical documentary. He’s a History/Discovery Channel nerd.
Sean Beauty and the Beast. It’s a show on CW I think about a female detective and soldier formerly in an experimental program.

4. What is your spouse's favorite (all time or currently) youtube video? Share it with us!
Bekah – I was going to be a smart aleck and say Rebecca Black’s “Friday,” but then I realized we both love Brock’s dubs, so the answer isn’t far from the truth.

Sean – I was thinking aloud and she mentioned Michael Henry and Justin Robinett. I also cheated and read her answer before typing mine and would have to agree we both love Brock’s Dubs. You’ll catch us saying “my hand is a dolphin” or “balloon party” at interesting times.
LOVE these guys! I was a huge choir/theatre nerd back in the day...

5. Do you and your spouse plan on doing gifts for anniversaries based on traditions? Like the paper for one year etc.
Bekah – I try to, though I don’t think he looks into it. Our first year we went kayaking which was presented on a PAPER voucher. I really don’t remember what I got him last year.
Sean – I don’t. She seems to bring it up a few weeks before our anniversary every year, but before marriage I have never heard of that tradition.

6. How many kids does your spouse want? And if you could only have boys or girls which would your spouse prefer?
Bekah – Originally he only wanted one, but I’m not a big fan of the only child thing. I think I have him warmed up to the idea of two (of course, now I’m older and I’m not as sure I want any knowing that the world is such a sucky place!). He would prefer boys.
Sean – I wouldn’t mind a boy and a girl (aka co-ed doubles volleyball team) but I already worry enough about my younger sister and boys. Plus my sister was a little bit of a pain as she was growing up, but still nowhere near as stubborn/hard headed as my youngest brother. Is there some marker test to see how stubborn your offspring will be?!?
Bekah – Ha! Considering how stubborn the two of us are…not sure that’s a good sign. We ARE Irish!

7. Would your spouse want to live in the city, country or beach?
Bekah – Beach of course!
Sean – Beach. As long as it has a house with a porch for patio furniture; a hammock and/or swing chair and/or rocking chairs.
Oh so true. I think this was one of my very first pins when I joined Pinterest.

8. What is a book you and your spouse have read together that you would recommend to other couples?
Bekah – For Men Only/For Women Only. It’s such a simple read and research based. It helps you understand things you didn’t realize without being condescending.

Sean – What she said without cheating off her answer. Quick and easy book (I’ve only read For Men). And I think we went full circle with this answer, I think we listed these books in our first ever Newly Weds Game.

9. What is your favorite engagement picture? Wedding picture?

Bekah - 
Engagement. That's us, always laughing.

Tie for the wedding pic.
Sean – Any one of them with her in it (and preferably not me).
Bekah - Except really none of those exist. All our e-pics are together and the only solo wedding pics were getting ready ones. Fine by me.

10. What is one piece of advice you would give to those dating, engaged and or newly married?
Bekah – If you have any expectation that your spouse will change after the wedding, seriously re-think getting married. If you love them as they are and have no expectations, go for it! Also, just elope.
Sean – Read For Men/Women Only. Love your spouse like the traditional vows state. Trust in God.


  1. I love your answer to the last one. Also--- I've never read those books.. so thank you for the recommendation! I'll have to go check those out! Those youtube videos were pretty awesome!! =D

    Also- Thank you for linking up with us every week. If it weren't for this link up, I would have never met you and for that I am thankful! =D

  2. Love your answers girl!!! And great advice there :)

  3. This was such a fun post to read! Loved getting to know you better through it :)!

  4. This is why we're frans. Those boys are from Texas and I LOVE their videos. I stalk their Youtube. And yes to Ireland

  5. Oh, man, I totally want to ditch a big ceremony and elope! I think my mom would hate me forever if I did that, though, but I am frequently very tempted to do so whenever my man and I decide to get married! Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier. =)


  6. #1 awww one day there will be a puppy!!!
    #5 loved what yall did for you anniversary, how fun!
    and pretty much I loved reading all these!

    Thanks for linking up with us always!


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