my overactive imagination [the newlywed game]

May 24, 2013

There are only two rounds left after this week. *sniff, sniff.* Kudos as always to Karla and Veronica for coordinating my  favorite link-up!

1. If your spouse could have one thing in the world (besides millions of dollars) what would it be?.
Bekah – An over-the-top car collection.
Sean – A puppy or 50.
I hate puppies. Clearly.

2. Is your spouse an early bird or a night owl?
Bekah – He is both, but a night owl by choice.
Sean – She’s a definite night owl. I’ve never met anyone more spiteful of mornings.
Bekah – If by spiteful you mean yelling at him to turn his alarm off because it’s way too early and he hits snooze often, yes. It’s better than when I smacked him in the morning to turn it off. Realistically I’m in bed by 10 usually so I'm not really a night owl either. I’m just a sleep whore.

3. Does your spouse do anything weird or silly when they are nervous?  If so, what?
Bekah – I think he’s just quieter.
Sean – She overthinks and worries horribly. Like the possible effects from surgery she was absolutely convinced she would have amnesia. So I wore my “The Shirt” (see question 8) she had just given to me the day before. I saw her right after surgery and despite severely overheating and a rude nurse she said, “Nice shirt!”
Bekah – I mean, the people from the hospital called me pre-surgery to ask if I had a living will! I was horrified after that!

4. What is the most spontaneous thing you have ever done as a couple?
Bekah – I have no idea. I think we’re mostly spontaneous over all. We aren’t usually big planners; we tend to just go with it.
Sean – Maybe Ocean City, MD at New Year’s.
oh so young...and skinny

5. What makes your spouse different/special from any other person you know?
Bekah – Everyone loves him! He’s nice to everyone and polite…and not afraid to smile. He’s not one of those guys trying to look tough in pics or give the idea he’s someone that he’s not.
Sean – She loves me, and unconditionally. Yeah yeah, cliché but it’s amazing the amount of crap and quirks of mine she puts up with.

6. In the summertime, does your spouse most resemble a white snowman, a red lobster, or a very tan Pauly D?!
Bekah – Oh my. He tans pretty well but definitely not to the Jersey Shore category.
Sean – She’s very fair; until we’re doing an outdoor activity, I’ll ask if she put on sun tan lotion, and she says “I want to tan” (she usually only wears 8spf). She’s the cooked lobster the next day.

7. What is one thing that people may not know about your spouse?
Bekah – His momma named him after Sean Connery.
Sean – Her real name is Rebecca, not sure if she wanted that shared on her blog. If she edits that she said sternly that she wanted an engagement (after 5 years of dating) before I would go to another volleyball nationals tournament.
Bekah – No sense in editing it. I like saving that info for when I have to tell secrets. Then I can mischievously say “my name isn’t really Bekah!”

8. What is your spouse’s favorite holiday?
Bekah – St. Patrick’s Day!
Sean – July 4th. Its summer and it’s the day before my birthday so she gets to give me my annual birthday gift, the Notre Dame “The Shirt”. Ok, it’s one of my favorite holidays with the fireworks included. I honestly don’t know which may be her favorite.

Bekah – Except I give most gifts ON his actual birthday. Last year was the exception as he mentioned above. I wanted him to have them in case I died in surgery on his birthday (overactive imagination much?)

9. There is a table full of food.  Salad, meat, bread, desserts.  Which dish does your spouse devour first?
Bekah – He would go for meat/bread (he’s a sandwich a holic) and dessert!
Sean – If there were no rules and she could pick whatever she wanted it would be the dessert. We do love our sweets.

10. I am so thankful that my spouse is ______________ because I am definitely not!
Bekah – a man!
Sean – Organized (one of the many quirks that goes back to question 5).


  1. Haahaha #8 is too funny.
    And your answer to the last one is pretty fantastic!
    Looove the Ocean City pic! I knew it was OC!!
    I miss it so much.
    Thanks for linking up with us every week! =)

  2. I am forever yelling at my husband in the morning due to his alarm going off and him hitting snooze - way before either of us really need to be awake! Ugh. I will win that battle one day...
    I also love that your answers are in the order of: Bekah, Sean, Bekah. :)

  3. a puppy or 50...haha
    aww 5 is sweet!
    I love July5th SO much! Fireworks are awesome!


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