looking back on the big day and forward to loving each other [newlywed game]

May 10, 2013

I'm sure you all know I've been in love with Karla and Veronica's Newlywed Game linkup since I first discovered it! So, when they said they were looking for co-hosts as we wrapped the series up, I jumped on the chance! I was thrilled when Karla told me I was up for this week. Hope everyone enjoyed the questions!

1. Did anything go wrong at the wedding that you didn't find out about until AFTER everything was said and done? Please share.

Bekah – Not that this “went wrong,” but to this day, when Sean’s family talks about the wedding, they always complain about a certain couple in attendance who were dancing a little too inappropriately at the reception. I don’t remember seeing that at all.
Clearly I wasn't referring to us and our parents!
Sean – That’s not just family that talk about the dancing, but some of our friends of ours as well who didn’t know the couple (the man who brought his girlfriend was admittedly on my side of the wedding).

2. Did the wedding make or break any relationships for you in the process (did you find that you respected certain person/people more or less?)

Bekah – My sister’s hubby and I aren’t close, but when we were waiting to make our reception entrance, I turned around at one point to see/hear him getting in someone’s face, saying “You do NOT speak to her!” Apparently there was a minor glitch or question or something that they decided they should approach me directly about and he stopped them cold. That bumped my opinion of him up a couple notches.
Sean – She makes it sound VERY intense. I think that just may be the computer “speaking” instead of hearing the person talk about it. I feel the wedding almost mended a previous friendship gone south. A couple friends of mine were real good friends since high school or even before and something happened a couple years before our wedding but they were talking to each other but unfortunately the bridge wasn’t completely reconstructed.
Bekah – Clarification on his answer –one party had been trying to make amends while the other ignored. Both parties were invited to the wedding (they are all friends of ours), and as Sean said, at least they spoke to each other.

3. Having been married now, what new thing have you found out about your spouse that surprised you?
That we're total goofballs. Wait, we already knew that! One year anniversary pic by Victoria Wolcott.
Bekah – People ask me this quote frequently and almost three years later I still can’t come up with an answer. We were together over five years by the time I walked down the aisle, and we aren’t terribly secretive. I’m sure I’ve learned things but no specific example comes to mind.
Sean – Censored.

4. What does your spouse do that you find most encouraging? Where else would that encouragement help you?

Bekah – He’s never discouraged my desire to try something new. I love that he is OK with me pursuing interests and trying new things.
Sean – She encourages me with work whether it be the long hours, or just a tough day.

5. Make a goal to do a nice thing each day for your spouse this week without expecting anything in return. What did you do, and What did you notice them do this week that you appreciated?

Bekah- I guess I should have remembered I wrote this question since I answer these whenever and Sean usually ends up doing them last minute! It is Sunday and I shared the funfetti cake with him that I would much rather have kept to myself. :D I was a little demanding today about getting the apartment tidied up and he did help some.
Sean – I helped clean up the apartment a bit (although she did ask me to help).

6. What was/is your spouse's favorite childhood movie?

Bekah – I heard him mention The Rescuers Down Under a few times so I snagged the set of both movies for him for Easter. I’m not sure I know which one was a specific favorite. I do know his favorite childhood book was Where the Wild Things Are (oh, and he HATED that movie for the record. Not that I blame him at all)
Sean The Little Mermaid. And I can’t really think of my “favorite” childhood movie.
Bekah- On a side note, this is the cup I'm currently drinking out of as I clean up this post and enter pics/links (so yes, he so got that answer right. Of course!)

7. What would be your spouse's "must-do" date now that nice weather and summer break are coming up?

Bekah – volleyball and beer!
Sean – being in a hammock. Or going down to Annapolis on a weekend day during non-busy times.

8. Do you and your spouse have summer vacation plans? To where?

Bekah – Not yet. Hopefully something works out since we’re sadly not even going to AT Days. We have to get my surgery out of the way first and funds have been tight (thanks Obama for the health insurance and tax hikes!). Fingers crossed I’ll win one of those gazillion vacation sweepstakes I enter!
Sean – We mentioned a weekend or overnight stay to one of the beaches “close by” (Ocean City, MD or Rehoboth, DE). I would also like to try going to southern MD for a day like St. Michaels.

9. If you and your spouse could take one "skill" class (cooking, painting, motorcycle, etc), what would you choose?

Bekah – Classes like those are like candy to me cuz I want to know everything! We both are touchy, so maybe a couples massage class.
Sean – Chemistry or something in math. Kidding because we both hate math. Nothing really comes to my mind.

10. If you could go back to your wedding planning days, what would you tell yourself? Would you have done anything differently?

Bekah- I took pride in not being a bride-zilla! I was generally pretty laid back about everything- I honestly wanted to elope because I was more interested in BEING married vs. GETTING married. So in terms of how I acted or being stressed, it wasn’t awful, but there are small details here and there that I see in pics that my OCD picks up and I would have changed had I known, but in the end, we’re married and none of it matters.
We've got the rings. We're good.
Sean – Planned my bachelor party day 2 a little better to be able to have more friends attend. it was volleyball in the afternoon then a restaurant in the evening which the fiancĂ© attended. (Day 1 was a different group of friends out to Annapolis docks for a couple bars/restaurants so we kept all days PG. Also I would have liked to have had something for Bekah to have her girl time/bachelorette party.

Here are next week's questions courtesy of Hallie from Life:Oceanside:
1.  Which one of you (you or your spouse) can go without a mirror the longest?
2.  Do you have a picture of your spouse in a unique place (for example.. in the car, in the wallet, in your purse, in the bathroom?) and if so, where?
3.  Complete the sentence.  "My spouse has more _________ than anyone else I know!"
4.  Think back to your very first kiss with your spouse.  How do you think your spouse would describe that kiss in one word?
5.  Which one of these would your spouse say they are "ruled" by: Their heart, their mind, or their stomach?
6.  What will your spouse say attracts the most attention toward you when you are in a large crowd?
7.  Without looking it up or asking....what is your spouse's zodiac sign? 
8.  What is the last food item that you both shared in bed?
9.  What would your spouse say is the first thing that you did on a date that showed them what you were REALLY like?
10.  What did your spouse say they wanted to do more than anything before you were married? Anything?


  1. Ohh, I liked all your questions and answers. Fun way to learn about y'all.

  2. Haha I just love reading these. Your pictures are awesome. The one of you guys and the tree made me LOL! :)

  3. thanks for hosting. I really enjoyed the questions and reading your answers.
    I would love for us to do a couples massage class! Great idea

  4. You two are so cute! I love hearing about your love story! I hope I am so lucky one day.

  5. THANKS so much for being an awesome awesome co-host! You commented on everyone's blog posts and that's perfect! You rock!!

    number 3 AGREED!
    haha you made tough questions girl!!!
    haha love your cup! that's a great movie :)

    Hope you have a great week! and thanks again for being the best cohost!


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