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January 28, 2013

Well, I now have two weeks of no meat under my belt (I promise I won't post a count every week!). I can honestly say I'm enjoying it and thus far haven't had any feelings of hardship or remorse. I have, however, realized that my next resolve should probably be to eat at home more. I eat on the go A LOT.

I can also say that I've enjoyed the challenge (if you can really call it one) of finding suitable foods as I go out. I've tried some things that I might not have bothered to before (I'm also a creature of habit), and am happy to say I love many of them!

Here's a few vegetarian-friendly options that worked for me on the go this past week:

Chick Fil A: It would be boring to do this often, but I LOVE CFA’s waffle fries and sweet tea. I can’t imagine giving them up completely. I grabbed a side salad along with said items for a tasty, meat-free lunch.

Squisito: Admittedly, this goes back to me being a creature of habit. I am all about anything margherita/caprese. I grabbed a slice of margherita pizza along with a house salad.
(Squisito is a local pizza/sub joint in Maryland, although each franchise has a different name and the food tends to be prepared slightly differently at each location as well.)

Taco Bell: I go to a Thursday night bible study, and TB is unfortunately the most convenient place to grab food without being late on my way from work. I saw a few options on the menu board and opted for the black bean burrito. I have to say that I was impressed. I wouldn't make a regular habit of this, but it almost didn't taste like it came from Taco Bell. Oh, and they now have churros! Not healthy, but soo yummy!

Kahve Cafe: I returned this week with one of my LivingSocial vouchers. I was torn between a couple items, but went for the Mediterranean veggie wrap. So glad I did! This is probably my favorite item on the list. There is still a salad and frittata I would like to try, but I can see this becoming a lunch-break staple for me.

Nando's Peri-Peri: This fast casual place is a favorite of mine and a new location just opened minutes from my house. Sadly, the menu primarily features chicken entrees. There are 2 vegetarian entrees aside from ordering the salads sans chicken (I did, and on a side note, if you have never experienced haloumi cheese, it is DELICIOUS!). Also, all of the sides are meat free and pretty tasty, so there are certainly still options if you're willing to get creative.

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